How-To: Pick The Perfect Shade Of Blonde

From icy to sun-kissed, blonde hair literally comes in hundreds of shades, and we know choosing the right hue can be overwhelming. But in a world where one-size definitely doesn’t fit all, finding the perfect tone to complement your personality (and complexion) is all about balance. Read on for suggestions for finding the right shade for you from the best salon in Buford, Georgia.


Platinum ice ❄️ color by Master 3 Stylist @egleegv

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One thing our stylists recommend: take your skin tone into consideration.

If you have a fair complexion (lighter skin and often light colored eyes), consider cooler, pale tones. The cool hue we can’t get enough of right now: icy blonde. This mix of white and silver is a stunning shade with trendsetters like Cara Delevingne regularly rocking this look on the red carpet.

With slight pink undertones, a champagne blonde is another look we love. (Have you seen Reese Witherspoon’s hair lately?) While it’s a cooler tone and is known for fairer skin, it can be tailored to any skin tone. Pro Tip: for deeper complexions, we suggest adding some golden highlights.

We love a root-y blonde for everyone. This fierce (and on-trend) look goes great with any hue. Bonus: letting those roots show through make for a low-maintenance look. Want a warmer hue? Pair this look with buttery or honey shades. For cooler tones, ashy and icy are trending.


While these are some great general guidelines, you should consult your stylist to be sure everyone is on the same page before beginning the process. Our stylists specialize in taking your inspiration and tailoring it to fit your look.

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