Gratitude is Better When Shared (So we are sharing ours with you!)

With Thanksgiving approaching, we’ve got gratitude on the brain. Here at VaNicci Salon, we infuse gratitude into everything we do—from the way we interact with our guests and community members, to the way we act toward one another as a team. And, what better way to cultivate more gratitude than by reflecting on our blessings? We asked our stylists to reflect on what they are grateful for, and the answers were so inspiring we wanted to share. Warning: seriously warm, fuzzy feelings ahead.


“I’m thankful for many things, it’s hard to know where to start. I’m thankful for an unwavering faith that guides me through every single day; a loving, supportive, beautiful wife; my family; good health; new, exciting opportunities; and every client that sits in my chair. I’m truly blessed to work for an amazing company and honored to work alongside such talented and inspiring artists.”

Source: VaNicci Salon


“I am thankful for being welcomed into a new salon with open arms, and all the love, support, and friendship we share as coworkers.”

Source: VaNicci Salon


“I’m thankful for so many things, but mostly God – without Him I’d have nothing else to be thankful for!”

Source: VaNicci Salon


“I am thankful for Gina and Karen, for giving me the opportunity to grow with the company for over six years. I look forward to continued growth and learning, and retiring with them in the future!”

Source: VaNicci Salon


“I am thankful for the talents God gave me to pursue my passion for hair. And of course, my family.”

Source: VaNicci Salon


“I’m thankful for the amazing family and friends I have, and for God, who blessed me with this beautiful life.”

Source: VaNicci Salon


“I’m thankful for my husband, for being loving and supportive in everything I do.”

Source: VaNicci Salon


“I’m thankful for life and my loved ones.”

Source: VaNicci Salon


“I’m thankful this year for my puppy Altoid. All the messes he leaves for me and all the lint rollers I have to buy are worth it because he never fails to make me laugh—he’s a big goofball and I love him to death.”

Source: VaNicci Salon

Another thing we are all so grateful for? YOU! Our gorgeous guests seriously light up our lives—and we want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Happy Thanksgiving!

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